Integrate Auto Mixers for Versatility and Increased Packaging Efficiency

Are you looking for an automated mixer that offers high-grade construction and versatility to blend and mix products while meeting the demands of your manufacturing sector?

BPI Packaging Equipment’s MKB1813/1825 mixers are the perfect choice for packagers of a wide variety of products. With up to 150 weighments per minute using either 1.3- or 2.5-liter buckets, the mixer is suitable for blending, mixing and packaging snacks, pet food and treats, confections and sweets, as well as fruits and vegetables. Read on to learn how our mixer series applies to your industry and can improve your automated packaging operation. 

Snack Food

Snack food manufacturers cam rely on BPI’s MKB1813/1825 to produce proportionately accurate snack mixes. The scale is gentle enough to handle a range of products including, but not limited to, chips, crackers, popcorn, and granola. Its 10-inch HMI touchscreen allows users to easily monitor live amplitude readings individually. With automatic frequency vibration control, the settings can be customized to the product being packaged. In addition, the radius corner stainless steel buckets make it easier to discharge multiple dumps for bulk weighing or stagger dump for large unit size applications. 

Pet Food & Treats

Packagers of pet food and treats can confidently use BPI Packaging Equipment’s MKB1813/1825 mixer due to its versatility when it comes sorting different shapes and sizes of dried pet food like biscuits, nuggets or kibbles as well other treats. Its single or twin tube discharge allows operators to adjust setting according to their product specifications, while its self-diagnostic alerts in pop-up windows mean operations run smoothly without having to pause production.

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables often require extra care when it comes to packaging due to their moisture content which is why BPI Packaging Equipment’s MKB1813/1825 mixers are excellent solutions here too. From apples and oranges to vegetables like tomatoes, onions or carrots, this mixer will take on just about any item you need packaged with speed combined with accuracy thanks to its superior features, providing you peace of mind that your produce will reach customers in perfect condition each time. The MKB scale is an excellent option for manufacturers who produce salad mixes, frozen smoothie packages, frozen vegetable blends, and other products that require the combination of multiple different fruits, vegetables, or both due to its ability to equally combine all ingredient components.

Thanks to its live display of individual weight readings, operators know immediately if any adjustments need be made throughout each cycle, while automatic frequency vibration control helps them set specific parameters according product type being processed without stopping production speeds so that freshness is maintained throughout each stage right up until packing the finished product. 

Confections & Sweets

For confectioners looking to mix and pack an assortment of products such as bite-sized chocolates, lollipops, hard candies, nuts, or marshmallows, the MKB1813/1825 is an excellent choice. To handle large batches of product, the mixers have multiple dumps available for bulk weighing as well as a stagger dump feature that allows larger unit sizes to be weighed at once. This allows manufacturers to save time by producing larger batches without compromising on quality or accuracy.

Manufacturers should consider integrating BPI Packaging Equipment’s MKB1813/1825 mixers into their packaging process as these machines are designed to help streamline production with their easy-to-use interface, reliable performance, versatility and advanced features. Their excellent build quality and our service support ensure the longevity of the machine in order to maximize return on investment over time. Contact the BPI team today to learn more!