IQF & Frozen Food

BPI Packaging Equipment provides frozen-food producers with automated packaging solutions that lead to faster, simpler and more cost-effective operations.

Securely & Accurately Package Your Frozen Food

For producers of IQF and frozen food, BPI Packaging Equipment provides a wide range of automated packaging solutions to make operations more efficient. From multi-head scales and linear scales to vertical form fill & seal baggers baggers and pre-made pouch machines, our products can improve output while keeping costs low. 

Our highly accurate multi-head scales are designed to quickly weigh IQF foods while ensuring precise results with maximum throughput capacity. Additionally, the VFFS baggers we offer reduce manual labor, minimize the waste of materials, and increase production speed — all while maintaining quality control over IQF products. With BPI Packaging Equipment’s automated packaging solutions, you’ll be able to get the most out of your IQF and frozen food production. 

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Vertical Form Fill & Seal Baggers
Pre-Made Pouch Baggers
Multi-Head Scales
Linear Scales