BPI Packaging Equipment provides powder producers with automated packaging solutions that lead to faster, simpler and more cost-effective operations.

Securely & Accurately Package Your Powder Products

BPI Packaging Equipment is a leading supplier of automated packaging solutions specifically designed to help producers of powders streamline their production process. Our machines, including stick pack machines, VFFS baggers, pre-made pouch machines and more, apply cutting-edge technology to decrease operators’ labor while increasing accuracy. 

With our equipment employing the latest packing technologies, powder producers can benefit from increased production speed, superior accuracy and decreased costs associated with material wastage. Our automated systems are also capable of handling a wide range of powders in different weights and sizes, making them suitable for all kinds of producers. Whether you’re a large or small-scale company with several powders to package, BPI is your best partner for reliable and automated packaging. 

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Vertical Form Fill & Seal Baggers
Pre-Made Pouch Baggers
Stick Packs