BPI Packaging Equipment provides cannabis producers with automated packaging solutions that lead to faster, simpler and more cost-effective operations.

Securely & Accurately Package Your Cannabis Products

Cannabis producers and packagers have come to rely more heavily on automated packaging solutions to help meet the growing demands of cannabis production, distribution and consumption. BPI Packaging Equipment is a leading supplier of packaging machinery, providing cannabis producers and packagers with precision multi-head scales, pre-made pouch baggers, VFFS baggers, stick pack fillers, pill counters and components. Our machines support packaging needs for flower, oils, topicals, cartridges, gummies, pills and more.

By utilizing networks like BPI Packaging Equipment’s cannabis-specific solutions, cannabis producers and packagers can increase efficiency in their operations while providing consistent product quality. 

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Vertical Form Fill & Seal Baggers
Pre-Made Pouch Baggers
Pill Counter
Multi-Head Scales
Stick Packs