Fresh, Accurate, Safe: Automated Solutions for Packaging Meat, Poultry & Seafood

If you’re a meat, poultry, or fish packager, you understand consistent quality and accuracy are paramount when it comes to packaging your product. That’s why BPI Equipment offers a range of state-of-the-art automated packaging equipment that can provide you the edge you need in a competitive industry. 

Our 12-head manual checkweighers, pre-made pouch baggers, VFFS baggers and inspection equipment are designed with the latest technology and built to last, ensuring your process runs smoothly and efficiently. Read on to learn how our comprehensive solutions can elevate your packaging operation.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Baggers

Meat, poultry, and fish packagers looking to improve their packaging operations can benefit greatly from the use of BPI Equipment’s vertical form fill seal baggers. These cutting-edge machines offer a range of features to improve productivity, accuracy, and the overall quality of packaged products.

BPI Equipment’s VFFS baggers are designed to meet the complex demands of the packaging industry. With advanced engineering and robust construction, these machines offer exceptional durability and reliability — two key features that are crucial in a demanding packaging environment.

What’s more, BPI’s baggers are highly customizable, with a range of options available to meet the unique needs of different packaging applications. From the type and size of bags used to the speed and number of bags per minute, packagers have the flexibility to tailor these machines to their exact requirements.

Another key benefit of BPI baggers is their ease of use. Intuitive controls and user-friendly software make these machines accessible to operators of all skill levels. This not only reduces the risk of errors and costly downtime but also increases productivity by enabling faster set-up times and smoother operation.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of VFFS baggers is their ability to deliver exceptional packaging quality. These machines provide precise and accurate control over packaging materials, producing tight and secure seals that protect products from contamination and damage.

Furthermore, BPI’s baggers are designed with hygiene in mind. The machines feature stainless-steel construction and streamlined designs with minimal areas for dirt and debris to collect, making them easy to clean and maintain.

By incorporating BPI Equipment’s vertical form fill seal baggers into their packaging operations, meat, poultry, and fish packagers can enjoy faster, more efficient production, superior packaging quality, and reduced downtime and maintenance costs. 

12-Head Manual Weigher

One common problem in meat, poultry and fish packaging environments is inaccurate weight measurements. This results in products being sold at a lower weight or incorrect pricing, which can lead to financial losses.

As a leader in the production of high-quality, low-maintenance equipment for small- to medium-sized companies, BPI Equipment offers the perfect solution for meat, poultry and fish packagers looking to streamline their packaging operations. The 12-head manual weigher, in particular, is one of our most popular machines and offers a range of benefits that can help packagers achieve new levels of efficiency and accuracy.

The 12-head manual weigher is incredibly easy to use, thanks to its intuitive interface and simple controls. This means that even team members with limited experience can quickly master the machine and begin working with it effectively. Because the weigher is built to last, you can be confident that it will keep performing well over time, with minimal maintenance required.

This machine is designed to weigh your products with remarkable consistency, ensuring each package contains precisely the right amount of product. Because the weigher is powered by state-of-the-art technology, you can trust that it will keep running smoothly and delivering accurate results, day in and day out.

Pre-Made Pouch Baggers

With BPI’s pre-made pouch baggers, packagers can enjoy numerous benefits, including reduced packaging time, enhanced product freshness, and improved product presentation. These baggers are designed to package a wide range of products effectively and efficiently, including meats, poultry, and seafood, without compromising on the quality or taste of the products.

BPI’s pre-made pouch baggers are ideal for meat, poultry and fish packagers as they are designed to handle various pack sizes and styles. With customizable features, our baggers can be tailored to fit the specific needs of each packaging operation. This means you can choose from a range of bag sizes, shapes, and materials to ensure the best packaging option for your products. BPI’s pre-made pouch baggers, with their tight seals, can help ensure packages are effectively sealed to prevent contamination from dust, bacteria, or other unwanted substances.

Our baggers are also easy to operate and maintain, designed to be user-friendly, even for operators with minimal experience in packaging. The machines features a touchscreen that enables the operator to quickly adjust speed and monitor performance. The bagger is also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Using BPI’s pre-made pouch baggers, packagers can enjoy reduced downtime and enhanced productivity. These baggers are designed to run continuously, with minimal interruptions for bag changes. The bagger can also handle a wide range of bag types, materials, and sizes, meaning it can reliably handle high-speed, high-volume production runs.

BPI’s pre-made pouch baggers are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the meat, poultry, and fish industries. With its innovative design, customizable features, and user-friendly interface, these baggers are the perfect choice for packagers looking to improve their packaging operations.

Inspection Equipment

Meat, poultry and fish packagers face a unique set of challenges when it comes to ensuring the safety and quality of their products. With the potential for contamination and spoilage at every stage of the packaging process, it is critical to have reliable inspection equipment in place.

Our state-of-the-art checkweighers, x-ray machines, and metal detectors are the perfect tools for ensuring that your products are safe, fresh and comply with regulatory standards.

So, how can you incorporate BPI’s inspection equipment into your packaging operation? 

It’s easier than you might think. 

Our equipment is designed to seamlessly integrate with any existing packaging line, with minimal disruption to your production process. Whether you’re packaging ground beef, chicken parts, or fresh fish fillets, our equipment can help you ensure every package leaving your facility is accurate, safe, and of the highest possible quality.

Our checkweighers are the perfect solution for ensuring that each package contains the right amount of product, with minimal waste and maximum efficiency. By accurately weighing each package as it moves down the line, checkweighers can automatically reject any packages that fall outside of your pre-set weight parameters. This helps to eliminate waste and minimize giveaway, while also ensuring that your customers are getting exactly what they paid for.

In addition to our checkweighers, we also offer x-ray machines and metal detectors to help you detect any potential contaminants in your products. Whether it’s a stray piece of metal, bone, or a foreign object that accidentally made its way into your packaging line, our inspection equipment is designed to catch it before it becomes a safety or quality issue.

Washdown-Ready Equipment

Meat, poultry and fish packagers often require stainless-steel, washdown-ready equipment in order to maintain high levels of hygiene and prevent any cross-contamination. A bulk of BPI’s equipment is specifically designed to meet these requirements, ensuring a safe and hygienic production environment. Our equipment’s rugged construction provides for easy cleaning and sanitization, and its durable components ensure the equipment stays operational, even under heavy usage. This helps food manufacturers to avoid penalties, maintain customer trust and avoid costly recalls.

How BPI Can Help

At BPI Equipment, our mission is to help small- to medium-sized packaging operations to achieve their goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your production efficiency, reduce waste or ensure your products are of the highest possible quality, our equipment can help you get there. And with our staff’s expert guidance and support, you can elevate your packaging operation to the next level and achieve target results. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you incorporate our automated packaging equipment into your operation.