Automated Rotary Baggers: The Benefits for Commercial Packaging Operations

One of the chief considerations in commercial packaging is efficiency. Machines and equipment that can speed up the packaging process, reduce labor costs and increase accuracy are becoming the standard for meeting modern industrial demands. Automated rotary baggers are a prime example of such machines, offering several advantages over their manual alternatives.

These systems can quickly and efficiently package a wide range of items in doy-style and pillow-style bags, with BPI’s systems producing capable of up to 120 bags per minute, depending on the model. Automated rotary baggers are equipped with advanced features and compatible with other packaging machinery such as weighers and conveyors, helping to maximize efficiency and produce quality seals. 

Let’s take a closer look at how automated rotary baggers can benefit your commercial packaging operations.

Speed and Efficiency

Perhaps the biggest advantage of an automated rotary bagger is its speed and efficiency. With an automatic bag feeding system, there is reduced need for manual loading, which helps to save time and labor costs. When choosing BPI, our systems have adjustable settings that allow you to regulate the speed of the machine to match the production rate and handle varying bag sizes.

Compatibility for Integration

Automated rotary baggers could be an incredibly versatile addition to any production line, depending on the product, particularly when paired with a range of complementary machines such as fillers, weighers, printers and metal detectors. The efficiency of a fast and accurate bagging system is augmented when combined with these other devices, which assist in measurement, tracking and ensuring the safety of the finished product. 

For example, integrating fillers with rotary baggers allows for a precise amount of product to be dispensed into each bag, ensuring consistency and reducing waste. Weighers and metal detectors help to ensure the integrity of the product as it is being packaged by quickly identifying and rejecting any bags that are under- or over-filled or containing foreign objects. 

The ability to print on bags with date, weight and product information provides another level of control, allowing quick and easy tracking of each individual item.

Package Variety

Automated rotary baggers are capable of handling a wide variety of items such as nuts, bolts, candy, cereal, food items, pet food, small parts, spices, powders and more. BPI’s rotary bagger systems can handle both doy-style and pillow-style bags for greater versatility in your packaging operations. They feature adjustable settings so you can easily switch between different sizes and types of bags with minimal downtime.

Quality Seals

Another advantage of automated rotary baggers is they produce high-quality seals on doy-style and pillow-style bags. These machines feature dual-stage seal jaws with wrinkle tension control devices that ensure quality top seals every time. BPI’s line of rotary baggers come equipped with a no-product detection device that helps to save on bag cost by rejecting any bags without product inside them, as well as no-bag detection with alarms and auto-rejection.

How BPI Can Help

BPI staff are experts in packaging systems and can assist businesses in selecting the ideal automated rotary bagger to meet their specific needs. When working with BPI, businesses can expect to receive personalized attention to help determine the best fit for their operations.

BPI staff can provide knowledgeable guidance on which options would be best suited to a company’s specific requirements, whether it be an increased production rate or the need for niche packaging of unique products. The range of features provided by a rotary bagger means that it can accommodate a variety of products with accuracy and consistent quality, making the decision to integrate such a system with a company’s production process a viable and cost-effective solution. 

Capable of handling most common film structures, our quiet-running rotary bagger systems feature: 

• Large-capacity automatic bag feeding system

 • Compatibility with pre-made, doy-style and pillow-style bags

 • Dual-stage, zipper-style, bag-opening device

 • Vacuum pump with multiple vacuum cups

 • Patented wrinkle-tension control device

 • Dual-stage seal jaws for quality top seals

 • Automatic bottom bag support for heavy weights

 • Electronic quick adjust for different bag sizes

 • No-product detection device

 • No-bag detection with alarms and reject

 • Siemens control platform and components

Have a question about your automated packaging process? Are you unsure where to begin in searching for a new or refurbished machine? 

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