Automated Packaging Machines for the Cheese Industry: Improving Efficiency and Consistency

For cheese manufacturers, the packaging process is a vital step that affects the quality, preservation, and presentation of their products. Cheese is a sensitive food that requires careful handling to maintain its flavor, texture, and aroma. Choosing the right packaging machines is essential to achieve the required standards of hygiene, accuracy and speed while minimizing waste, errors, and costs. 

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of integrating three types of automated packaging machines in cheese-making operations: vertical form fill machines (VFFS), pre-made pouch baggers, and multi-head scales.

Vertical Form Fill Machines

VFFS machines are versatile and dependable equipment that can handle a wide range of products, including cheese. VFFS machines are designed to create customized bags or pouches from rollstock film, fill them with the desired amount of product and seal them tightly. Producing air-tight seals is often needed for preserving the quality and safety of cheese, as exposure to air can cause contamination, molding or spoilage. For cheese, VFFS machines can be equipped with vacuum- or nitrogen-flush accessories to remove excess air and prolong the shelf life of the product. 

Moreover, VFFS machines can package cheese in different shapes and sizes, from grated cheese to blocks or slices, helping cheese manufacturers meet the diverse needs of their product lines and customers.

Pre-Made Pouch Baggers

Pre-made pouch baggers, as the name suggests, use premade pouches or bags that are then filled with cheese and then sealed. This type of packaging machine can potentially reduce the costs and time required to produce sealed items.

Pre-made pouch baggers can handle various types of cheese, including soft and hard cheeses, and can allow manufacturers to mix different types of cheese in a single bag or pouch. Additionally, pre-made pouch baggers offer several sealing options, from heat sealing to zip-lock and clip closures, which can enhance convenience and safety for the end-users.

Multi-Head Scales

Multi-head scales are specialized weighing machines that use multiple hoppers and weigh heads to measure and dispense accurate portions of cheese. Multi-head scales are ideal for busy cheese processing plants that require high throughput and precision. With multi-head scales, cheese portions can be weighed and dispensed in seconds, ensuring consistency and minimizing waste. 

Multi-head scales can also integrate with VFFS machines, pre-made pouch baggers, conveyors, pack-off systems and more to provide a seamless, fully automated packaging solution. By automating the entire packaging process, manufacturers can better minimize contact between the cheese and the equipment surfaces and prevent cross-contamination.

Cheese manufacturers may also face the challenge of handling mixed cheeses, which can require different packaging materials, labeling and processing methods. For example, mixing soft and hard cheeses may require different bag types or sealing methods to ensure optimal texture and flavor. BPI’s equipment allows for quick changeover between rollstock material, pouch types or batch sizes, leading to minimal downtime.

How BPI Can Help

For cheese manufacturers seeking to improve their packaging process, BPI Equipment is here to guide customers in selecting the appropriate automated packaging machines. Our expertise includes vertical form fill machines, pre-made pouch baggers and multi-head scales, all of which are commonplace in commercial cheese-making operations. 

Our team at BPI understands each manufacturer has varying needs, and we provide a personalized approach when suggesting the most suitable packaging machines for your business. Whether it’s faster production, reduced waste or better-quality packaging, we’re committed to helping you hit your target. 

Have a question? Contact us today and learn more about our comprehensive packaging solutions!