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Auger Fillers

Our Auger Fillers are capable of handling various product at variable speeds to accommodate workflows. Download our brochure below to get all of the specifics on the various machines.


  • Ethernet remote diagnostics
  • Dimpled contact surfaces
  • Powder ow control head
  • Integrated vibrator feeder
  • Dual motor timing hopper
  • V-Shape vibrator pans
  • Stainless steel mezzanine
  • Semi auto hand fill controls
  • Integration with variety of baggers, conveyors, printers,
    hand fill devices, semi-auto applications and bulk box fill

Technical Advantages

  • High grade 304 stainless steel construction
  • Advanced servo motor controlled auger
  • Fully sealed structure with visual site
  • Adjustable photo sensor for product level
  • Quick release lever for pivoting head
  • Can mount directly to the top of bagger
  • Electric motor driven product mixer device
  • Exhaust port for dusty products
  • Easy to clean and maintain auger system
  • Minimal effort on tolling change over
  • Auto clam shell closer or cylinder closer
  • Works well with powder and granular products
  • Precision weighments with minimal effort
  • Quick release tooling collar and hopper

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